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Our back story

Create Townsville is an industry group established to link the various creative industries and encourage collaboration, resource and opportunity sharing. We aim to raise the profile of creative industries in the Townsville region with the goal of strengthening our creative and cultural presence.  In particular, we aim to retain and expand investment locally. By linking local creative industries into a recognized “one stop shop”, our group facilitates uptake of local talent and creates a strong collective voice for Townsville’s creative community.


In 2013-14 James Cook University began to document the depth of its creative folk across the spectrum of the creative industries. In this study, it was determined that over 300 people were engaged in creative activity for income generation. That has since grown. In 2015 the next major stage of data gathering to map Townsville’s commercial creative class documented what we anecdotally knew: Townsville’s creative community is highly skilled and professional. However, one quarter of all creative industry services sold in Townsville are imported from outside the city, resulting in an estimated $200 million per year leaving the Townsville economy.  Many businesses requiring creative services are not aware of local industry providers or believe that local products are of inferior quality.  There is also a perception that local creative industry providers are not able to handle large-scale project events because of the small size of Townsville compared to the capital cities.

Our group aims to foster collaboration amongst the various creatives in this city to form a strong and dynamic community capable of re-dressing these myths.  In so doing, the group aims to encourage collaboration and resource and opportunity sharing.  Together we can take an important step in profiling and further strengthening the high quality of skilled and professional creative industry services and products in Townsville.

Our unique environment

We are blessed with an incredible landscape and urban lifestyle. Townsville is located in the Dry Tropics; and is warm all year round with limited rainfall over the summer. Expansive natural environments are a constant inspiration for us, alongside a business economy mainly fuelled by mining, defence and government administration. Castle Hill, The Strand, Pallarenda beach and the Ross River are the most sought after public spaces for creative reflection and development. You can regularly see us walking, cycling, working or simply gathering in these beautiful spaces.

Our city

Townsville is an emergent city of north Queensland, Australia, adjacent to the central section of the Great Barrier Reef. We consider ourselves to be the unofficial capital of north Queensland are with a broad based economy based on pastoral, mining, marine and infrastructure sectors. Bars, restaurants, food, art and sport festivals, and performances, are plentiful for a city this size. Our residents, and those from across the country and the world, visit to experience our lifestyle under the fabulous sun. A population of not yet 200,000 and an easy, flat landscape with little traffic, Townsville folk are able to relax and enjoy creative business, the environment and leisure time. Less than a two hour flight from the nearest capital city, Brisbane, and three hours away from Sydney, we are constantly engaged with others in metropolitan areas. We really get the best of both worlds – small city living, the natural Australian environment and all the riches from both.

Our difference

Because of our environment, Townsville creative types live differently. We therefore think differently, and ultimately we create differently. As locals ourselves, we understand community issues and recognize the opportunities in our growing regional economy. Collaborate with us to experience fresh creative perspectives from highly skilled and passionate people!

Collab and Create!

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